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Food on Road

My favorite on the road food and the restaurants…

Le-Royal, RiyadhLe Royal, Riyadh

Nandoos, Dubai


Kumarakom, Dubai

MovenPick, Dubai


Filly Cafeteria, Dubai

Filly Cafeteria

Calicut Paragon, Dubai

Yummy!!!! Yummy!!!

Calicut ParagonCalicut ParagonCalicut ParagonCalicut Paragon

Shawaya, Riyadh

Cheap and Best, Grill chicken with vegetables.


Mamanoura, Riyadh

Words are not enough… :) Mamanoura Riyadh

Juice World, Jeddah


Al-Baik, Jeddah

One of the reason to go Jeddah,

Sea Gull, Jeddah

Sea food lovers will love it for sure :)

  Lulu Hypermarket, Riyadh

Mango Fest

 Mango Fest Lulu

Golden Palace, Riyadh

One of our favorite Chinese restaurants in Riyadh :)

Indian Summer, Riyadh (website)

Stuffed Mushroom, Malai Chicken Tikka, Paneer Tawa Masala with Mixed Bread n

Cocktail Juice

Classic Restaurant, Riyadh

Fish Varatiyathu, One of the authentic Kerala dish at Classic.

Fish Varattiyathu

Kumarakom Vishu Sadya (New Kumarakom Restaurant , BurDubai, website)

It was a delicious Vishu Sadya at Kumarakom restaurant in Dubai.

Spicy Home, Rowdha, Riyadh

It was really nice ‘sadya’. They have recently started it. Recommended… ;)


A road side restaurant near to Jumeira beach, Dubai

It was a nice evening get together at a restaurant near to Jumeria beach, you can choose your favourite fish and they will prepare it for you instantly. It was really delicious.

Mirage Chinese Restaurant, Riyadh

Food is good, not the great. But the environment is really amazing.

Grilled chicken Saudi champagne (Arabian Food Suppliers, Riyadh)

It is really delicious, and no words to explain.

Costa Coffee

It is actually my husband favourite

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