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A visit to Dira Souk


Yesterday, my friend proposed a plan to take a ride on our compound bus. The schedule was to Dira Souk and to some other shopping malls. I never been to those places, so decided to go. We planned to meet at the compound bus stop at 09:00 am.

I woke up late since we made some shopping last night, so got ready quickly and ran to catch the bus which exactly leaves at 09:00 :) . There were two buses ready to depart to different places, one to Dira Souk and another to Sahara Mall. I was searching for my friend and tried to call her, but couldn’t get through at the beginning. Luckily after all, the call got connected and managed to find her, otherwise we would end up in different places :) . As it was very hot outside, she got inside the bus already and was searching for me through the windows. When we found each other we got in to the bus leaving to Dira Souk. The destination was quite far away from our compound, so it took around 30 minutes to reach there. While we were traveling, we could see that the roads were really full of cars, in spite of the hot weather. I think, most of them were in hurry because many times we could hear the sound of sudden brakes.:), anyway it is normal in here all the time.

Once reached the driver instructed us to come back by 11:30 am, around 2 hours of roaming. We got in to the Dira Souk but unfortunately the place was not that great as we expected, and was not even that clean. Anyway, we decided to roam around as we have much time to spend. There are small shops selling different kind of local made stuff including clothes, oud, cosmetics etc. We were heard that there were some shops selling gold ornaments, carpets etc. but weren’t interested in going through all those places. There was a Museum near to the souk, but we didn’t get into it as we thought we need some entry ticket, but it wasnt the case. Anyway we thought it will be more fun to go there with our husbands.

So what is next??? There is still 1.30 hours more. We saw another shopping mall opposite to the souk. To reach there we have to cross two roads. This was the first time for me to cross a road in Riyadh as a pedestrian. :) . We got in to the mall, and as usual it was like one of those modern shopping malls in Riyadh, though it was empty almost since it was day time. We roam around for a while and thought of having some snacks. Got in to Kudu and grabbed some hot apple pies and cola. We spend some more time in there walking around.

Alright, then we got back to the bus, and we were the first people came by. It took almost the same time to reach back to the compound. Even though it wasn’t that pleasure trip got chance to meet with more people and had nice time with my friend ;)


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