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A trip to Jeddah

Today I felt so tired, not in a mood to do anything. The two days trip was tiring.

I decided to join with my Husband for his work trip to Jeddah. I never been to that place, but heard about it a lot, especially the Al-Baik.. ;) Sunday afternoon, we started the trip along with my husband’s colleague. But, that day became one of the unforgettable days in my life…

After having a small lunch, we have started our drive to Airport. On the way, we have seen the rapid growing Princess Nora University Campus, meant to be the largest University for Women. Really, it is an amazing campus, I have never seen such a vast campus in my life, although the construction is not yet finished. We could see the campus spread over like a City, and metro rail connecting the buildings. I heard that the estimated building cost around 10 billion USD!!!

After around half an hour of driving, we reached the Airport. Within no time, we have cleared all the formalities as it was a Domestic trip. Thank God! this time the flight was on time. Everything went well until the flight took off. When it reached almost an height of couple of hundred meters, the flight started behaving abnormally, there were some unexpected air bumps even though the weather was clear and too before the flight reach the required altitude. Felt like sitting in a Roller coaster :) , really got damn scared. After a while, things became normal, but the mind was really uncomfortable all the way. The Air hostess (who were travelling as passengers) told us that this type of take off are quite normal due to the weather conditions.

Anyway, once the flight landed properly on Jeddah Airport, we felt having our second life.. :)

Another funny incident was waiting for us while getting out of the Airport campus. One of our close friend came to pick us from the Airport. At the Airport gate, a police guy stopped our car and asked our friend to show his license and our ID, suspecting that he was driving a private taxi. He even asked my Husband to call the friends number to make sure that it is not an instant relationship to get a ride. The police guy got convinced when he saw my Husband picture came to our friend’s mobile while calling.

We have to make a U turn and cross again the same gate. Unfortunately, another Police guy with more stars on shoulder stopped us again to do the same procedures. The officer was not even convinced by his colleague’s explanations. He verified all our IDs again to make sure our friend is not driving a private taxi. Wonder how he looked at our handsome young friend dressed up official as a driver. We didn’t make another U turn, rather took a reverse to cross the gate, just to avoid convincing more officers :)

While traveling, noticed that Jeddah has more greenery than in Riyadh. But the roads were so narrow and not so well organized and of course the driving is not so convincing. The area is not very ‘posh’ like Riyadh. I came to know that this is a coastal area and hence the climate is not so dry even if in the summer, made me think that we were in our country.

Eventually reached the hotel, here another funny incident awaiting us. We booked two rooms but the hotels system was showing only one booking, the front office referred us to go and talk with the manager since he is helpless. Anyway since we have the proof of booking, the manager couldn’t do anything other than allotting us two rooms.

Even though, it is mentioned as a 5 star hotel, we noticed that the facilities were not up to the level. Meanwhile, our friend accompanied us from Riyadh had suffered a lot again.. :) He couldn’t enter in to his room initially with the card allotted, issue with wash basin, TV etc etc.

Later on, we went to the great, Al Baik, where they serve the most delicious broasted chicken with garlic sauce. That was one of our chattered plans before we left. I have no words to explain the taste and four of us have finished two family meals even. Then we moved to see a big fountain in Jeddah, near to a corniche. That place was quite calm so that we could walk through. On the way back to our hotel, by chance we have noticed a juice shop with fruits arranged in different styles. Being attracted by this, we bought some fresh juice from there too!!!.. :)

The next day morning, after a nice sleep, we had a ‘five star buffet breakfast’ and after that they headed to the office to finish the task assigned leaving me alone in the hotel. I spent time in browsing and chatting with my family members. In the afternoon, after finishing their hectic work, we had checked out from the hotel and went for a late lunch since we were too hungry. We decided to try a seafood restaurant, as recommended by our family friend. Around 2 Kg fish Hamour well done grill with some prawn curry and rice. That too was really delicious and mouthwatering. :) , the prawn curry remind us with the taste of Kerala :)

We decided to visit the Juice world once more before the flight, though it was a bad decision since we don’t have enough time to spend. Somehow we reached the airport hardly 1.15 hour before the flight. I wished if there is no much hassles with take off and landing this time at least:)

It was surprising to see the same air hostess as passengers again, they were happy to see us.

Luckily, there wasn’t any troubles this time. During the landing, we could see a beautiful landscape of Riyadh with mind blowing lights . We tried to capture the scenery as a digital memory. Still the take off to Jeddah remains as a scary memory.



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