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Coffee Day Morning

It has been a pretty hot day, around 43D. After having a light breakfast,   I together with my friend went to visit the stores at “Coffee Day morning” in the compound, where I live. The coffee morning happens only once in a month inside the compound. During this day,a lot of people (mostly ladies) come with various stuffs for selling, which includes jewellery, hand made cards, bakery items, books, clothes, movies, toys etc. It was really a nice occasion where we get the opportunity to meet with lot of people, see some friends around, which makes big difference in the boring life here, nothing much to do if you don’t have a job. This special day the ladies who are staying outside the compound can enter without invitation from the people residing in, which makes it easier for lot of ladies to make a visit and do some shopping, if necessary. The event was until 12 noon, was damn tired after been under the sun for that long.


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